This Week at Faithweavers (10/1/2017)

This week at Faithweavers we will talk about what happened about 200 years after Noah and his family left the ark. God told them to spread out and fill the earth with people. God also told them that could eat certain animals for meat. The other thing we need to remember is that everyone spoke the same language. Of course this makes sense since humans were started over again from Noah and his family.

About 150 to 200 years later someone discover how to make bricks. This was a huge discovery. Up until this time the people lived in tents or homes made out of sticks and rocks. Now they could make more permanent homes. And the best part was that these bricks could be made just about anywhere. People started building more permanent homes. Then some people got the bright idea to start working together in building their homes. This was the start of the first city, just a few homes grouped together. But how could they attract others to come to their city? Then they got the idea to build a tower that reached up to the heavens. This tower would be tall enough that people could see it from a distance. This would draw people to the city to see it. The tower worked great. The city continued to grow and it became famous for the tower.

Everything seemed to be going great for the city. Except that there is this one problem. God told Noah and his family to spread out. So, they were not supposed to gather together. They were supposed to continue spreading out. So God came down to look at the tower. God knew that they did not build this tower to reach up to God. No, this tower was not built to glorify God at all. So God decided to confuse the language. All of the people on the earth could no longer speak the same language. They start speaking different languages. This forced people spread out. Eventually, people that could speak the same language started to gather together in different parts of the world. So the people spread out just like God wanted.

Of course, we know this story as the Tower of Babel. But what was really wrong with the people trying to build the Tower of Babel? Well, first they did not build the tower to glorify God. No, they built the tower to glorify themselves. They said that they wanted to build a tower to reach up to the heavens as if they wanted to reach up to God. But, in reality they built the tower to bring God down to them. They put themselves ahead of God. That’s why God confused the language so they could no longer work together to glorify themselves. See, God wants us to put Him first in everything we do. Everything we say and everything we do reflects on God. Therefore, lets really try to do and say things that will be pleasing to God.

See you this Wednesday at Faithweavers as we talk more about putting God first in everything. Remember that the Bible Challenge verse for this week is Psalm 145:13. Your Weekly Challenge is to tell a parent how keeping a promise reminds you of the way God kept His promise to Noah.

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