“Minus One”

I want to remind the SpringCreek Fellowship worshiping family that the key phrase for Sunday, October 8th is “Minus 1.” As was announced last Sunday, we want to bless the children at the Grace Orphan House by employing this strategy.

We are asking everyone to consider this “Minus 1” strategy throughout this week. What that means is we want you to consider doing without one thing you would normally buy throughout the week. It may mean one less cup of coffee per day, one less diet coke per day, one less snack in the middle of the afternoon this week, one less meal eaten out this week, one less . . . well, you get the idea. The first part of the strategy is to make the decision to do without something this week – to do a “minus 1.”

The second part is to save up what you would have spent that day or this week, and bring it on Sunday morning as a special offering to the children of the Grace Orphan House. As was announced, Kiran Dongardive will be leaving for India on Tuesday, Oct. 10th as part of his continuing oversight of the ministry of GOH. We want to give him the “Minus 1” offering as a way to bless the 30 young boys and 15 young girls who call GOH home. It may not seem like much, but if even 50 of us employ this “minus 1” strategy and donate as little as $10, we will have a gift of $500 for the children!

Many of us in our affluence, at least when compared to the rest of the world, don’t pay a lot of attention to some of our discretionary spending. This week, we want you to pay more attention to it, and make the choice to curtail it at least once – hence, “minus 1.” Then commit what you saved to the Lord to be used to bless 45 children on the other side of the world by bringing it on Sunday for this special offering.

This is a small thing but the discipline of paying more attention to this “Minus 1” strategy can pay long range dividends. It this becomes a habit, you could save enough to sponsor one of the Grace Orphan House children at $40 to $50 per month. That would feed, clothe, house and educate that child until they turn 18 years old. You can significantly impact a life, simply by choosing to live in a “minus 1” way. If you would be interested in sponsoring a child, please talk to either Kiran after he gets back home, or to me. We can help you get things set up for the sponsorship.

I look forward to seeing what will happen with the “Minus 1” strategy and offering. Our God can take even a few loaves and a couple of small fish and bless thousands. He did it once (cf. Mark 6:30-44); I am trusting He can do it again, as we employ “minus 1” this week, “to the praise of His glorious grace.”

Pastor Rick

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