This Week at Faithweavers (10/8/2017)

This week at Faithweavers we will start the first of many stories about one of the key figures of the Jewish Faith. This man is also known as the father of the nation of Israel. Of course, we are talking about Abraham. Well, actually in tonight’s story his name is Abram.

Abram was a relatively rich man of 75 years old. He owned many animals and had many people working for him. Abram was married to Sarai. The only problem for Abram was that he and Sarai had no children. And at the age of 75, the prospects did not look good to have any children. Still, life was good for Abram and Sarai.

God appeared to Abram and told him to leave his country and his people. God would lead Abram to a new place to call home. Notice that God never actually told Abram where he was going. God just told him to start walking and He would let him know when he arrived. Do you think Abram had some question? I know that I would have some questions, especially where and why. Well God went ahead and answered the question of why even though Abram didn’t ask the question. God made 7 promised to Abram.  God promised to make Abram into a great nation. God promised to bless Abram even more. God promised to make Abram famous. God promised that Abram would be a blessing to others. God promised to bless those that blessed Abram and God also promised to curse those that cursed Abram. Then God promised Abram that all of the families on the earth would be blessed through Abram’s family. All of this sounds great, almost too good to be true. Remember that Abram had no children.

Even though Abram had no idea where he was going, he took everything he owned and started traveling wherever God led him. That took a great deal of faith. Abram also took his nephew Lot with him. This was an insurance policy in case Abram did not make it through the entire trip. Remember that Abram was already 75 and had no idea how long this trip would be. Well, about 500 miles later Abram arrived where God wanted in the country of Canaan. And just like Noah, the first thing that Abram did was to build an altar and make a sacrifice to God.

Abram had no idea where God was sending him. Nor did he know what he would find there. Still Abram trusted God and left all that he knew for what God promised. That’s what we need to learn from this story of Abram. We really don’t know what God has planned for our future. We just need to trust Him. Trust that whatever God has planned for us will be much better for us than what we know today. God promises to provide what we need when we need it and that He will bless us as we follow Him. Abram trusted God to keep all of his promises. We too must trust God to keep his promises to us.

See you this Wednesday at Faithweaver Friends as we talk more about trusting God. Remember that our Bible Challenge verse is Deuteronomy 6:5. Also remember that your Weekly Challenge is to tell a parent how keeping God first in your life reminds you of the Tower of Babel.

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