Combined Worship Celebration on Nov. 19th

On Sunday, November 19thSpringCreek Fellowship and the Word of Restoration Church (Llamada Final Arkansas) will come together in a celebration of the partnership of the two churches. We will have a combined worship celebration starting at 10:45 am and that will be followed by a thanksgiving “pot blessing” meal, with both congregations bringing traditional foods that reflect their own cultures. And if the past is any indication, the worship will be sweet and the food will be in abundance!

This partnership between these two congregations of the one body of Christ has been in existence now for several years. And as a visible demonstration of that partnership, we join together twice a year to worship and to fellowship around the table. I firmly believe this partnership has been a blessing to both churches, but I can speak more accurately from the SCF side of the street. Congregationaly, we have been strengthened and enriched by getting to know, to worship with and to serve alongside members of the WOR Church. Personally, I have a much greater awareness of the struggles of adapting to and living in a culture not your own, and the difficulties of learning a new language so as to survive in that culture. But mostly, I have been encouraged as I have watched them struggle to be faithful to Jesus through some very difficult circumstances. And SCF has been able to support and come alongside them in those times.

While language, cultures and worship styles (and volume levels!) may be different, what is the same is a heart for the Lord and a desire to see the Kingdom of God grow here in Springdale. And when two very diverse congregations come together for a day of worship and celebration, the enemy is rattled and the community takes notice. In this small way, we are taking a step to fulfill the prayer of Jesus in John 17, that the church may be one in a vivid demonstration of His Lordship.

Please plan on sharing in this combined worship celebration and meal on Sunday, November 19th. At the end of the day, I think you will consider yourself blessed to have been a part of it. Let your heart be encouraged, as we come together as congregations of the one church, “to the praise of His glorious grace.”

Pastor Rick

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