This Week at Faithweavers (11/27/2017)

Faithweaver Friends is back this week after taking a week off for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. I know that I did. We start the Winter Quarter with a story about John the Baptist. We all know that John the Baptist never cut his hair and wore camel hair clothing. John ate locusts and wild honey and he lived in the desert.  John’s mother was a cousin to Mary, the mother of Jesus. John was born 6 months before Jesus and is related to Jesus.

What you may not know is that John chose to live this way. John wanted to humble himself because he knew that he was a messenger of God preparing the way for the King. This King was so great that John did not feel qualified to even untie His sandals. It was the job of the lowest servant in the house to untie the sandals and wash the feet of the guests. John did not feel he was even qualified to do this lowly task for His King, Jesus. He prepared the way for Jesus by teaching the people about repentance. John earned his name of “the baptist” by baptizing people for the repentance of their sins.

We have the same job as John the Baptist. We can help prepare the way for people to meet Jesus. We do this by showing God’s love to everyone in everything that we do and say. We also need to invite people to church and to Faithweavers. That way they can meet our King in Jesus. This is even more important this time of year as we approach CHRISTmas. CHRISTmas is not about Santa or about gifts. It is about our King, Jesus, coming into this world to save us from our sins. So let’s all prepare the way for others to meet Jesus this CHRISTmas.

See you this Wednesday at Faithweavers as we talk more about repenting of our sins. The Bible Challenge and Weekly Challenge will start new with this week.

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