This Week at Faithweavers (12/3/2017)

This week at Faithweavers we will talk about the birth of Jesus. As we all know, Jesus’ earthly mother was a young lady named Mary. She was in her mid teens and waiting to be married to a young man named Matthew. Mary was working in a field when the angel Gabriel appears and tells her that she has found favor with God. She would give birth to a son and would name him Jesus. But, how could this be. Mary was not married yet and she was so young. The angel gave Mary a sign that this was true. Mary’s much older cousin, Elizabeth, was pregnant with a boy. This was a miracle because Elizabeth could not have children. As we learned last week that this boy would be named John, John the Baptist.

Let’s move forward about 9 months. Mary is about ready to have her son. However, Caesar Augustus ordered a census of the Roman world. Everyone was ordered to go to their hometown to be counted. Since Matthew was from the family line of David he was required to travel to the small town of Bethlehem to be counted. This was not an easy trip, especially for a pregnant woman. And to make things worse, there was no room for them in the Inn. The only place available for Matthew and Mary to spend the night was a barn. And it was in this barn that Jesus was born. Think about that. The Son of God, involved with creation itself was born in a barn. That doesn’t sound right. The first people to hear that Jesus was born was some shepherds watching their flocks at night. In Jesus’ time, shepherds were not well thought of. They were thought to be poor and lower class citizens. These poor shepherds found the barn with Jesus, Matthew and Mary, exactly where the Angel told them. These shepherds started telling everyone that they saw that Jesus, the Messiah, was born.

And that’s the main thing we need to learn from the birth of Jesus, CHRISTmas is about Jesus. The reason we celebrate is because Jesus, the Son of God, was born. CHRISTmas is not about presents or trees or shopping. In fact, there is no CHRISTmas without CHRIST. (That’s why I like to write it as CHRISTmas, to remind us what CHRISTmas is really about.)

Another thing that is often missed in the birth of Jesus is the role of the Shepherds. God used these lowly Shepherds to announce the birth of His Son. This proves that God can and will use anyone. You do not have to be big, good looking or have lots of money. God can use you just as you are. You just have to be available. The shepherds were available and were given the privilege of seeing Jesus and announcing His birth. God can and will use you to do something great if you make yourself available to Him.

See you this Wednesday at Faithweaver Friends as we talk more about making ourselves available to God. Remember that our Bible and Weekly Challenges have started. You Bible Challenge is to say Psalm 51:10 to either Miss Tonya or I. Your Weekly Challenge is to tell someone why it’s important to tell others about Jesus.

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