The Power of a Personal Invitation

It is no secret that we live in a high tech world. We are now connected 24/7. Through the prevalence of various social media platforms, information (and misinformation) travels at incredible speed. Mobile devices seem to be ubiquitous. I can learn as much, if not more, about what is happening at the Olympics on my phone than from the network broadcasting the games. And asking some people to put down their phone, even for a short while, is tantamount to exiling them on a deserted island!

And yet we have never lived in an age where people feel so isolated and so alone. You can be in the middle of a crowded room and still feel like you are the only one there. You can have hundreds if not thousands of friends on Facebook but go days without talking to another person, except at work where interaction is required. The dichotomy of our age is that we appear to more connected but yet more disconnected at the same time.

I get ads on my Facebook and Twitter feeds all the time. They are often annoying and almost always ignored. I can “see” them without really “seeing” them. I have become virtually numb to them. But one thing that still arrests my attention, and I often respond to, is the power of a personal invitation. And even when I have to say “no” to that invitation, I am usually thankful to, and grateful for, the person who extended the invitation to me.

Several church-related studies indicate that almost 80% of all people who visit a worship service or other church-sponsored activities, do so as the result of a personal invitation. That, in and of itself, reveals the power of a personal invitation. It is easier to post something on Facebook or tweet something out about an event, but few things are more effective than a personal invitation.

We need to recover the the power of a personal invitation here at SCF. We need to take seriously our role as Kingdom-agents and be on the front lines of inviting those in our spheres of influence to experience the love of God here at SpringCreek. Other studies have shown that as many as one in four people would attend a worship service or other church-sponsored event, if someone would just invite them! We need to be asking ourselves, “Who in my network should I invite, who needs a church home or who needs to come to know Jesus as Lord?” They may or may not say “yes” to the first invitation, but they will never forget that you took the time to invite them. And they just may be more open to the next invitation . . .

Start now praying about who you can invite to know the love of God and the connection to a church family that helps to support and sustain you. With Easter only a few weeks away, it is time for each of us to recover “the power of a personal invitation,” to the praise of His glorious grace.

Pastor Rick

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