There are important life questions that each of us must answer along the way. Questions like “where will I go to school, what will my major be, what will my career be like, who will I marry if I marry at all, will I have a family, what will the empty nest be like?” But there is one question that is more foundational than all of these. And that question centers on my identity in Christ, or as our fall teaching series is called, “Who Do You Think You Are?” Starting on September 10th, and continuing until November 26th, we will work our way through the book of Ephesians. In that letter, Paul had so much to say about our identity, about who we are in Christ. The more confused our culture becomes about identity issues, the more vital it becomes that believers are secure in their identity. So please join us for these studies in Ephesians as we spend the fall asking, and answering, the question, “Who Do You Think You Are?”

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