Student Ministries

Our goal at SpringCreek Fellowship is to equip students to know God and become disciples. It is not enough for students to have a relationship with a “church” or “youth group”, they need to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our primary means to encourage this is through age- and gender-specific small groups that meet on Wednesday nights. These groups meet and study the Bible together twice a month, they go into the community to serve once a month, and in the remaining Wednesday night all the small groups converge into a worship and teaching time encompassing all of the student ministry.

The key player in Spring Creek Fellowship Student Ministries is the small group leader who takes an active role in praying for, encouraging, and mentoring the students within their group.

We also have periodic events such as service days, conferences, and fun outings for students to get to know one another and grow spiritually.

Our desire is to raise up students that are “on mission”. We understand that God has a purpose and plan for each student and desires for each one to embrace fully what God had called them to.

A completed Permission/Medial Release Form may be required before your child can participate in certain church activities. We ask that parents and students familiarize themselves with the Dress Guidelines, as well. For more information about Student Ministries (grades 6-12), contact Matt Thurman at